Friday, January 27, 2012

taken single taken mwuahehehe

Another couple that split this passed week was Joey Tobias and Daytona Dot. I'm not sure how long they had been dating because they weren't very public and obnoxious about their relationship, but when they broke up, Daytona seemed to move on pretty quickly. She is now dating Jesse Mars???! who he?!??! yeah his name deff explains where he has been because I have no clue who this kid is!!

Messy break up?

Ryan Cohen and Aubrey Dior's break up seems to have been a messy one. They were only dating for a short period of time, and knowing Ryan's tendencies to hop around from girl to girl, most of us had a feeling it wouldn't last!! Ryan and Aubrey broke up and only a couple days later Sprint Verizon came back and now Spryan is back on. Aubrey seems to be taking the break up good though because she has moved on to her sister Ivry Dior !? that shit cray xoxo

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

THE TRUTH AND NOTHIN BUT THE TRUTH: diors not so innocent?!

All of roleplay seems to love the Dior family because of their humor and how loyal they are to their friends, but are they as nice as they seem? According to a source, all the Dior family does is make fun of people they don't like, by making fun of how the person looks. Everyone seems to make fun of each other these days on roleplay, but are the Dior's taking it too far? The source then says that the Dior's find a reason to blame everyone else, instead of considering their own mistakes.

be back later!! 5 mins later: OMG I MISSED YOU GUYS!

Seth Wantmore was gone long! the other day Seth posted that he needed a long break, he didn't know how long it would be, but he NEEDED one!! looks like it was less then 24 hours long because he is back on tumblr, posting to roleplayers! glad your back Seth hehe!

Mackenna Wantmore got robbed?!

Mackenna Wantmore got robbed the other day?! How do we know this? because Isabella Crotchfelt posted on her wall saying that she was so sorry that she got robbed, and that she loved her. Looks like the Wantmores couldn't protect you with this one!! sorry boo!

she said whaaat?!

Is Chase Stallings jealous of Kade Vitale's new relationship? Chase posted a status saying "I mean it's not really rocket science. when an ex fucks you over and hurts you, you're not going to be nice to them, are you dumb?" A couple statuses before that he posted one in which Kade replied with a "Shut up." Kade then wrote a status saying "Don't fuck with a girl when she's on her period, dumb bitch you should know that by now." If this isn't for Chase then I don't fucking know who it's for because we all know their relationship was one of the rockiest!! xO hopefully chase won't be a homewrecker!!

Monday, January 23, 2012


The Korharts *Le upcoming* They seem to be taking roleplay by storm! There are a lot of them, but they seem to all be very close with each other and trust worthy! They can also defend themselves pretty well from what I have observed. They don't let bitches fuck wit em !!
The Verizons *Le dead* Sadly the demise of the Verizon's have the entire roleplay community cheering!! I can only imagine how crazy their come back will be if Sprint Verizon ever comes back on roleplay.
The Wantmores *Le alive* do I even need to dicsuss this?
The Maines *Le slowly dieing* same for this one.. do I even need to discuss it?
The Infusions *Le never even relevant* sorry but your attitudes just landed you a hot spot in no ones land. Just because you have a lot of people in your family doesn't make it okay to be a bunch of cunts!! sorry!! XO

whippedy whip whipped

Is Sam Dugrey whipped? UH YES!!! #rumor? we think not! (well me, only one persons runs this shit but we sounds better okay bye) For some odd reason Sam seems to be upset sometimes. maybe his girlfriend has something to do with it? she recently posted "got my bitch on a leash" and tagged Sam in it. POOR PUPPY.


If I see one more awards site with the same stupid catagories about who's the most popular girl, who's the cutest couple, and who's the __ of rp, I will set that persons laptop on fire so they have no way to control the site! THE FUCKING END oh and for all the people who (honestly doe) aren't popular enough and can't get votes unless they spam the shit out of their facebook chat, shut the fuck up, thank you!

here cums the bride

Felix Hawk and Kalissa Maine are married! or getting married.. DUNNO!! But the "wedding extras" were posted on facebook with brides maids and Felix Hawk's best man.. they still do weddings on rp?! I thought we stopped doing that years ago?? o well i guess old trends are coming back! good luck being married on the internet XO