Thursday, February 24, 2011

500th post! CARM IS NO LONGER ON THE MARKET (til next week)

"Don't feel too special, he said the same shit to me girl."

Carmelo Delaghetto is known for being sweet, caring, loving, respectful, a player on da roleplay world, in real life? not so sure! Maybe he doesn't get any ass in real life so he resorts to breaking every girls heart to make himself feel better? DUNNO! won't judge! But Carmelo recently got with Kaya Maine according to wall posts and statuses, although it is not facebook official yet, it seems like they are an item. Not even a day later, Laney Vitalé, who was once with Carmelo, posted a status warning Kaya. Laney also said that Carmelo can't keep a relationship to save her life (tehehe her, get what I did there?) Hopefully Carmelo gets his act together and learns how to go steady with Ms. Maine.

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