Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Mini Romans attack!

Da Mini Romans do what they want! If you're wondering what Mini Romans are, they're a bunch of unknown roleplayers that preach how they feel about certain things on Dylan Fucka(Focka!?)'s website. Dylan's kind of like Bill Gates and dis is his charity! He's giving back to the people who don't get none of da fame! Anyways, according to a..... SOURCE......... the Mini Romans attacked Kaden Maine accusing him of being Farrah Donna. Who ever the hell that is! Kaden's sister Gabby Maine says that she trust and believes that Kaden is not Farrah. Looks like we'll neva know!


  1. nigguh please, gtfo of here with this B.S

  2. Uh there's proof from Kaden himself that he's Farrah. Derp.

  3. PS: For the idiots that are protecting Kaden Maine saying she isn't Farrah Donna just stfu: