Monday, January 23, 2012


The Korharts *Le upcoming* They seem to be taking roleplay by storm! There are a lot of them, but they seem to all be very close with each other and trust worthy! They can also defend themselves pretty well from what I have observed. They don't let bitches fuck wit em !!
The Verizons *Le dead* Sadly the demise of the Verizon's have the entire roleplay community cheering!! I can only imagine how crazy their come back will be if Sprint Verizon ever comes back on roleplay.
The Wantmores *Le alive* do I even need to dicsuss this?
The Maines *Le slowly dieing* same for this one.. do I even need to discuss it?
The Infusions *Le never even relevant* sorry but your attitudes just landed you a hot spot in no ones land. Just because you have a lot of people in your family doesn't make it okay to be a bunch of cunts!! sorry!! XO

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